Who I Am

I am a master of “discovery”, seeing what others have seen while thinking what they have not.

I am a 30+ year veteran of the sales, marketing, and general management wars, leading teams and organizations for some of the world’s best-known brands and companies, including Nestle Purina, PepsiCo, and Campbell Soup.

I have experience ranging from consumer goods – predominantly food and beverage – to a multiplicity of technology sectors including server systems, web and cloud applications, CRM, mobile telephony applications and entertainment/services, artificial intelligence agents, mobile ad serving, and many others.

I have built, led, and motivated teams ranging from raw start-ups to major divisions of Global 100 corporations inspiring achievement of “against the odds” outcomes and, quite simply, making magic happen.

I am a proven “game changer” and a “serial value creator” with the demonstrated capability to identify and exploit opportunities overlooked by others. I have disrupted markets and broken the rules to create sustainable competitive advantage for companies of every scale… from Global 100 down to the rawest of startups.

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