What I Do

I excel at the conception and management of innovative, transformational change, the fundamental driver of my success across a range of roles, industries, cultures, and situations.

II am a hands-on executive with a unique combination of intuitive strategic skills, analytical rigor, and out-of-the-box creativity. Some of the ways that I can help your organization, either as an external consultant or working within the company as an interim manager, driving pre-agreed outcomes, include:

  • Corporate, division, or brand group strategy. I’ll find the market leverage that you are missing and help you implement a strategy that optimizes your business potential.
  • Strategic Branding. How much of your brand’s potential have you failed to exploit? Or, have you over-extended your brand to the point that it is fragmented and losing relevance to the consumer.
  • Brand Positioning/Creative Strategy. I can help you, your marketing team, and your agency to develop a positioning and creative strategy that connects your brand to your target audience on an emotional and rational basis. And I can help you turn that strategy into advertising creative, whether TV, radio, print, online, or social media, that sells product and generates a measurable return on your media investment.

There is a lot of bad advertising being done these days. Most of it is a waste of money and some is actually detrimental to your brand’s equity. Contact me and I’ll do a quick creative audit for you and let you know where you stand.

I move fast and work effectively with your current team to make things happen. I understand how to leverage scarce human and financial resources and believe that simple is almost always better.

Download my brief CV or call/email me and let’s discuss your situation and needs.