Stu Haugen

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought…” Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Stu Haugen is a master of “discovery”. A 30-year veteran of the sales, marketing, and general management wars, leading teams and organizations for some of the world’s best known brands and companies, e.g. Nestle Purina, PepsiCo, Campbell Soup, Haugen has experience ranging from consumer goods — predominantly food and beverage — to a multiplicity of technology sectors including server systems, web and cloud applications, CRM, mobile telephony entertainment/services, artificial intelligence agents, mobile ad serving, and many others.

He has built, led, and motivated teams ranging from raw start-ups to major divisions of Global 100 corporations inspiring achievement of “against the odds” outcomes and, quite simply, making magic happen.

Stu is a proven “game changer” with a demonstrated capability to identify and exploit opportunities overlooked by others. Some of his notable achievements:


  • Conceived and executed the global repositioning and relaunch of brand 7-Up, the world’s #3 soft drink, behind the revolutionary “Fido Dido” ad campaign and a unique 7-Up/Benetton clothing and Formula 1 tie-in promotion. Reversed a three year sales decline driving global sales +70% ($2.1 billion incremental sales) in the first 18 months.
  • Led the Pepsi Bottling Group marketing team which reversed a five year share decline on brand Pepsi will reducing overall marketing spend. Revitalized and retargeted the legendary “Pepsi Challenge” promotional campaign.
  • Restructured and revitalized Pepsi bottling operations in Turkey (named Bottler of the Year twice in the following five years), Egypt, and Italy, consolidating and streamlining production and logistics, dramatically reshaping the product/package portfolio in each market, and returning markets to long-term profitability.
  • As CEO of PepsiCo France, managed a contentious litigation with failing bottling partner, Perrier, to successfully regain bottling rights in France. Conceived, negotiated, and implemented a highly successful (+300% volume, year one) joint venture with Pernod Ricard’s Orangina brand. Acquired and integrated an on-premise/vending company to complete the multi-channel restructuring.
  • Directed the conception, development, and launch of Arlequin, France’s #1 bagged candy brand… four months from concept to highly successful trade sell-in.
  • Conceived and directed development of Contact-Pro, customer relation management software for small business that PC Magazine said is “…so powerful it could run your company”.
  • Directed the conception and development and personally closed the sale of the first mobile “portal”, mobiSnow, to France’s Orange group for a then record price for a mobile services/entertainment product.


Click here for my detailed CV/resume, call me at +33 6 1075 4765 (international cell phone) or +1 (408) 329-6070 (San Jose, CA fixed line), or email me at

I am a hands-on guy with an outstanding combination of intuitive strategic skills, analytical rigor, and out of the box creativity. Some of the ways I can help your organization include:

Corporate, division, or brand group strategy — I’ll find the market leverage you are missing and help you implement a strategy that can optimize your business.

Strategic branding — How much of your brand’s potential have you failed to exploit? Or, have you over-extended your brand to the point it is fragmented and losing relevance to the consumer.

Brand Positioning/Creative strategy — I can help you, your marketing team, and your agency develop a positioning and creative strategy that connects your brand to your target source of business on an emotional and rational basis. And, I can help you turn that strategy into advertising creative, whether TV, radio, print, online, or social media, that sells product and generates a return on investment. There’s a lot “bad” advertising being done these days… some of it is just a waste of money… some is actually detrimental to your brand’s equity. Contact me and I’ll do a quick creative audit for you and let you know where you stand.

Business Development — I sell and grow businesses for a living and I’m extremely good at it. Do you need new product/business development, geographic expansion, acquisition integration…? I also have a massive contact network that can open doors for you and your business around the world.

I work fast and work with your existing team to make things happen. I understand how to leverage limited human and financial resources and believe that simple is almost always better.

I have done a lot of really great things and have had a lot of success over the years… I have also made a lot of mistakes that you don’t need to repeat in your business. Take advantage of my experience, both successes and failures…

Contact me… we can make some magic happen in your business.