Lenovo Unveils the Windows Tablet We’ve Been Waiting For [HANDS ON]

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Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2

The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a Windows 8 tablet with something special inside. An Intel Atom chip (“Clover Trail”) powers the device, bringing fully featured Windows — not Windows RT — to a tablet device.

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If you thought the Microsoft Surface was only Windows tablet worth talking about, think again. Lenovo just unveiled the first Windows 8 tablet to pack an Intel mobile chip, making it a full-on Windows PC in a very light form factor.

The product is called the ThinkPad Tablet 2 (Lenovo has never been good at naming things), and it’s an impressive piece of hardware. It has a 10.1-inch screen, is 0.39 of an inch thick and weighs just 1.3 pounds.

The star of this show is Intel’s Clover Trail processor, though. Before the Tablet 2, Windows 8 tablets had to be either Windows RT machines, which can’t run older Windows apps and look to deliver less than the full Windows experience, or devices w…
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