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I am a serial value creator... how can I help you?

Stu HaugenUPDATE: I am currently splitting my time between San Jose, California and Paris, France so feel free to contact me for any opportunity you may have in mind... I am globally mobile.

Pour ceux d'entre vous qui recherchent un soutien au management en France, je vis et travaille en France depuis 20 ans. Je sais parfaitement négocier en français et j'ai d'ailleurs pu accompagner avec succès plusieurs équipes françaises de direction appartenant aussi bien à des startups qu'à de gros groupes internationaux.

If you are looking for my CV / resume, click here.

I do a few things really, really well… particularly if they involve innovation and the change necessary to create sustainable competitive advantage in today's challenging times. I have disrupted markets and broken the “rules” to seize competitive advantage for companies and groups of virtually every scale… from Global 50 down to the most raw of startups.

“I recently worked with Stu on reorganizing a new Social Media startup company... I was most impressed by Stu's visionary leadership and ability to conceive a strategy for growing a business exponentially, as well as his formidable communication and social networking skills. He doesn't waste time with small ideas or small talk and gets to the big picture quickly with tremendous drive. I also found Stu a terrific team player and colleague and would very much enjoy working with him again.”
Geoffrey Sharp, Principal, Optimizing Social Media

“Stuart is one of the best consumer goods marketing strategists I know and has a remarkable knack for finding innovative ways to accomplish elusive goals. In a situation where innovative and visionary leadership are essential and the assured delivery of results critical, I would want to see Stuart at the helm.”
Michael Cappy, Director of Strategic Planning/General Electric, Managing Member/Gibraltar Foundation

“Stuart helped to define the early days of mobile [telephony] entertainment and was key to growing our operations in Europe. His world-class marketing and leadership skills made an immediate impact. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again.”
Karl Simonsen, Co-Founder and EVP, Indiqu Inc.

"From my perspective as both a general manager and a CFO, Stu [Haugen] is very simply the best marketing guy I ever worked with, either at Pepsi or anywhere else. By best, I mean the smartest, most creative, most passionate and most driven to achieve real results, fast."
David E. Daucher, CEO/Sojourn Care, President/Circle K International, CFO/Pepsi-Cola Europe

Innovation should not be reckless, ill-conceived, or speculative but true innovation is always frightening because it involves transformational change, meaning that it:
  • ...has the power to change customer expectations, or...
  • ...changes the basis of competition to your advantage, or...
  • ...has the power to change industry economics

The ability to conceive and manage innovative, transformational change is the fundamental driver of my track record of success across a range of roles, industries, cultures, and situations.

While my business and conceptual skills transcend most industry and segment barriers, I have a long and extensive track record of success in both consumer package goods and technology.

"I have managed many people that had 'out of the box' thinking skills but no one approaches Stu when it comes to finding creative business solutions... he [Stu] simply does not accept that the 'box' exists..."
Fredrick S. Meils, President/Pepsi-Cola Europe

"We were very selective in recruiting top marketing talent (particularly those with General Management potential) into Pepsi during the years we transformed it from a simple soft drink bottler: Stuart was one of the most strategically agile fast-trackers we ever hired. He brought a unique global perspective, demonstrated natural commercial sagacity and negotiating skills, and the kind of interpersonal skills that made him welcome across the organization. I recommend him without reservation."
Edmund Piccolino, Senior Vice President Human Resources/PepsiCo International

For examples of my business achievements, please watch the short video (upper right on this page). Examples of my public speaking and communication skills, in both French and English, are visible at France24 TV Debate, and MEDEF Université d'Eté 2008.

If you have a business that needs attention, contact me now.